At Key Financial Solutions, we establish a well-conceived, long-term investment strategy, rather than one based on ad hoc reactions to short-term market fluctuations by:

  • Developing an Investment Policy Statement to achieve your goals.
  • Designing your portfolio with appropriate mutual funds.
  • Establishing management and performance criteria for the monitoring of your portfolio.

We Minimize Conflicts of Interest

By working with us, you put your faith and trust in us, and we legally affirm that we will act only in your best interests at all times.

Registered representatives of broker/dealers (e.g., stockbrokers) are not required to put your interests first.

We apply sound academic research to the practical world of investment management.  We use low-cost mutual funds to provide globally diversified portfolios.

We concentrate on the three things we can control, namely costs, taxes, and asset allocation.  We structure your portfolio according to your personal goals, time horizon, and tolerance for risk.  We diversify to protect your portfolio against those risks that we cannot control.

Mutual Fund Selection

As independent financial planners, we do not benefit from the selection process, the choice of funds or the implementation of our advice. We are free to choose from among thousands of mutual funds. We believe the best choice for our clients are the low-cost funds of Dimensional Fund Advisors and The Vanguard Group.

Our Investment Management Fees

• The first $1,000,000 – 1.00% • The next $1,000,000 – 0.80% • Above $2,000,000 – 0.60%
There is a minimum fee of $5,000 per year.
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